ZenPet is a family owned and operated business with over 20 years’ experience in both veterinary care and dog and cat expertise, founded by loving pet parents who found it hard to find functional, practical and proven pet solutions for pet parents’ furry little buddies. For over two decades, they have been providing veterinarian-used, developed and trusted products that meet the needs of pup and cat loving pet owners in unique ways. Their products include the inflatable ZenCollar that has become the benchmark for dogs and cats alike as a more comfortable and wearable alternative to the e-collar, as well as the ZenCone, a more comfy version of the conventional e-collar that’s made of soft, durable canvas, plus the ZenDog calming compression shirt, uniquely designed to soothe stress and calm anxiety without drugs. Inspired by the love and care that pet parents devote to their pals every day, ZenPet produces all their products in the USA with no other manufacturers, always ensuring the highest quality materials that pass strict Quality Control standards. They pride themselves on manufacturing, building and testing prototypes all on North American shores.