Wondercide was founded by Stephanie Boone after her dog Luna suffered pest control poisoning from harmful chemicals in common flea-and-tick medication and yard sprays. She knew there had to be a better way. Wondercide protects Packs of every kind with safe and effective plant-based solutions.

Wondercide is powered by the highest-quality essential oils and other safe plant-based ingredients. Our pest control sprays for pets, people, and homes, come in four aromatherapeutic scents, while our yard sprays are safe for bees, butterflies, and birds who eat insects treated with Wondercide.

With a Fierce Love for families of every kind, everywhere, we help you protect the ones you love with safe, effective solutions. The bonus? Our environment-friendly line also helps protect the planet for future generations. We’re grateful that we get to do some good in this world.