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Active Ingredients: Perna Canaliculus (Green-Lipped Mussel).


Feeding guide

Suggested daily amount is 250 - 1,500 mg per day, depending on the size of the dog or cat and the severity of the inflammation. It should be noted, however, that in some cases the benefits of taking Green Lipped Mussel Powder may take 2 - 3 months to become evident. It should also be noted that if the inflammation is severe, you can double up the suggested amount for the first 2 weeks of treatment.

Weight Daily Feeding (scoops)
0 - 25 lbs 1
25 - 50 lbs 2
51 - 75 lbs 3
75 - 100 lbs 4
100 - 125 lbs 5
125 - 150 lbs 6