Skout’s Honor is run by a dedicated team of individuals who share a common love for pets and a strong passion for making a positive difference in the world by offering environmentally responsible and socially-conscious cleaning products. To begin, the team’s founders decided to try to figure out what exactly pet parents were looking for when seeking out cleaning products and the answer was simple — pet owners wanted products that work, are quick, easy-to-use and safe for their pets, family and home. Skout’s Honor represents a family of better, faster and stronger green cleaning solutions to everyday pet stain and odor problems. Their products embody the most modern, powerful and environmentally-friendly solutions available without sacrificing cleaning or deodorizing capabilities. Every product is eco-friendly, biodegradable, cruelty free and non-toxic. Their current goal is to motivate a culture of aware consumers by educating customers about the individual impact they can create through conscious-consumerism — everyone can make a difference!



Deionized Water, Biodegradable Molecular Complex (Mineral-Based Deodorizer), Plant-Based Fragrance.



For use on surfaces:

  1. Pour a liberal amount of product directly onto affected surface.
  2. Wipe off residual moisture (on hard surfaces) with a colorfast cloth or towel.
  3. Smell for any spots you might have missed and repeat as needed.


For use on animals:

  1. Apply product liberally and massage throughout animal's coat to the skin. Take caution to avoid contact with eyes.
  2. Rinse animal well with room temperature water. Now rinse them again!
  3. Smell for any spots you might have missed and repeat as needed.



If your furry friend is using a topical flea and tick treatment, please remember to follow the bathing instructions on the flea and tick packaging. Each treatment works differently and may require different wait times before water exposure.